A Few of My Favourite Things – 9 of 52

We haven’t been on many vacations since the kids were born. For one reason or another, vacations were sidelined. Our last vacation was before Little O was walking, and now he’s turning five. So, I guess it is obvious to say that we’ve made choices, some of them more welcome than others. For our last vacation we rented a cabin on Denman Island. It was a quiet and peaceful place, right on the edge of the ocean. We went for long walks, visited little cafes, ate pizza on Hornby Island, drank copious amounts of apple cider, and spent countless hours on the beach. It was mostly restful. The sun rose at 3am every morning, as too did the kids, but the lazy afternoons spent on the beach helped counter the tiredness of each early morning awakenings. Perhaps it was a bit too restful for me, dare I say, I found myself getting anxious about not having anything to do. I also realized that spending time on an island, wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. My friends laugh at me for this, but it doesn’t matter if that island is practically attached to the mainland and that we’re all basically living on islands. Little islands make me feel disconnected, lonely. That being said, I didn’t spend the whole time wandering restlessly through the forests and frantically splashing in the ocean. It was a good place to visit, I just wouldn’t ever want to live there.

Before we left for our trip, Big S had planned out a few places that he wanted to visit during our weeklong sojourn. Denman and Hornby Islands are a hippy-sort of paradise, the world seems to move a little slower, like the earth has been soaked in thc, it permeates island, soaking all the inhabitants in haze of groovy. Sculptures, painters, potters, and artists welcomed us into their galleries and workshops. We came home with this little piece of earth. Made by Gordon Hutchens capable hands. He seemed to feel quite at home, on an island, next to a larger island, floating alongside a very large rock.


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