Weekend at Home

Lots of food was made this last weekend. Lots of food was consumed. We had friends over, a lot of visiting was done (among varied eating).

One of my favourite things ended-up being a white bean, roasted garlic and fresh thyme (picked from the garden!) humous – here are some pre-masicated photos. It smelled wonderful, and tasted pretty delicious too. I didn’t take any measurements, so will never be able to replicate the recipe exactly. The white beans were soaked, then cooked, and then left overnight in the fridge. A whole head of garlic was roasted with a little bit of olive oil. A large bunch of thyme was gathered from the garden. Then there were some other dried herbs added…but I cannot remember which ones, I know that there was cumin…but the rest are foggy. After baking at 350 for 30 minutes, the whole bowl was pureed. We have these dried toast/cracker things, and they were the perfect vehicle for delivering the humous to hungry tummies.
The second item on the list is peanut butter cookies, made with tasty organic apple sauce & whole wheat flour. I’ll work on writing out this recipe, but it is fairly basic. Lastly, two batches of muffins. Banana Oat Bran and Blueberry-Lemon. So warm and hearty. Both these were basic recipes too – couple of cups of flour, some baking soda, melted butter, applesauce, little sweetener, and fruit. The best part of muffins, is how quick and easy it is to whip-up a batch, and how satisfying they are to gobble down when hot out of the oven.

It was a very good weekend at home. Lego was built, pictures were drawn, there was laughter and fun to be had. Children and adults were all happily entertained.



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