Almost there

Took last week off from the William Morris Posts and posting in general. Not that tasks weren’t getting done, but because rather, we’ve been busily trying to wrap-up some of the larger tasks. Our evening work time has been melting away, and the adults of this house have been too busy for much other than work, childcare, and sleep.

We still don’t have any of our large projects quite finished. The windows are so close to being done. So close. But not done. The stairwell railing is almost complete, all the paint has been removed and there is just some awkward sanding left to finish. We also had a couple of nice days, so we were all outside working on the garden and getting a few spots painted on Little House. I was so happy that Big S got on the porch roof and painted the 12″ space where there was an absence of paint after the roof had been done (can you believe there were six layers of old roof there!). Things are happening, and I’m growing impatient for finished projects.

In the absence of any fully completed projects, I’ll distract with almost completed projects.

The Ikea close to our home is opening a new store, so there were lots of good buys at the old store. We managed to get four white wooden blinds for Little House for $10 each. We hadn’t planned on using wooden slat blinds, but the deal was just too good to pass up. While we were there, we also snagged a couple of emerald green velvet curtains from the as-is department for a fraction of their full cost.

Here is an early photo of the kids’ bedroom with the window in the shot. This was just after refinishing the floors (cannot seem to find a true before photo, but know that there are some somewhere).

Here is one where we’ve replaced the moulding, but it isn’t painted yet. You’ll see there’s just a little difference in the room so far :)

Here is the moulding all painted (apologies on the quality of photos, never realized how difficult it is to get good photos of blinds during daylight).

Here are the curtains all put up and ready for use. I’m going to do something about the white brackets, I really don’t like how they are so vivid/noticeable. 

Here’s a little bonus shot of the outside of Little House, with the blinds and reflection of the blue and cloudy day behind. This picture has now reminded me of another thing to add to the list – painting the brackets on the flower boxes.

Here’s a link back to Pancakes and French Fries, please check out what others are up to on their own William Morris journeys.


6 thoughts on “Almost there

  1. Those velvet drapes are wonderful! The window trim looks really lovely too…I totally understand not being able to post in the middle of life, thanks for sharing today!

    • Thanks for dropping by. Some times are busier than others – it is hard to believe that April is already here. One day I’ll get some better photos of the room, they just weren’t turning out for me this time.

  2. HI!

    Lovely drapes. I love the blinds–and the curtains are just right. When taking a photo of a window with light pouring in, use the flash. It’s counterintuitive but it works.

    • Thanks Alana, I’ll do that the next time. My little point and click was acting-up. Someday I’ll invest in a better camera, or convince one of my photographer friends to come and help me! :)

    • Thanks May, slowly but surely this room is moving forward. At this pace by the time it’s finished I’ll be ready to redecorate ;)

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