Peoples who love Peepholes – 13 of 52 Beautiful and Useful

Our front door is solid. Sometimes we get unexpected visitors to our door. Sometimes they arrive in the evening. I hate opening the door, not knowing who exactly is on the other side of it. This week’s William Morris Beautiful and Useful (thank you Jules – even though you’re down for the count…), is all about the installation of a peephole. Not exciting. But here goes.

Step 1, get your tools & parts ready, and read the instructions:

Afterthought Number 1: Make sure that drill is fully charged. I didn’t, and thus had to stop the project to recharge.

Second afterthought: Contain all the parts for the project, lest they fall off the porch and into a pile of dirt, leaves, stones and bicycles.

Afterthought Number 3: Check to see that you’ve got the correct size of drill bit for the project, or figure out a way to make due… 9/16…who has that readily available? Not I, not I.

Forge ahead, full steam. Get out your ancient corded drill, and gingerly attempt to contain its power.

Step 2: Measure first, find the centre of the door, and then measure how high you want the peephole to sit (I did 60″ cause I’m short). Start small, and then drill a series of ever increasing larger holes.

Step 3: Clean-up the hole, make sure it is as symmetrical as possible.

Step 4: Piece together the parts. Stand back and admire.

Step 5: Check out the new view from the comfortable confines of your home.


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