14 of 52 Beautiful and Useful

I’ve had the flu the last few days, and haven’t been feeling productive…in truth, I haven’t really left the bed. I did this project last week, when I was full of mustard, vinegar, and the rest of those vitally important condiments.

We’ve had this little bench for a few years. It has been sitting outside, weathering the elements for most of its life with us. Over the last summer, it really started to show its age. Not that five is really all that old, but honestly, if you lived outside for five years of your life, you may be looking a little worse for wear too.

Here’s progress, a little better than before, ready for another five years of hard labour outside.

All fixed (new bolts, screws and a couple of nails), sanded, and ready for primingPrimed and dryingHappy in the backyard.

Don’t actually think this one was on my to do list, but it was really nice to get done. My Little O was so happy with the bench too. He made all kinds of exclamations about the colour and how much he loved it. Yay!

Thanks again to Jules from French Fries and Pancakes for hosting our projects. Seeing what others have been doing is making me excited for more projects, and really helps to keep the momentum going (I especially love all the gardening things folks have been up to…can’t wait to get some more plants in the ground and to harvest my crops!).


14 thoughts on “14 of 52 Beautiful and Useful

  1. Hurray! I am so glad you were able to save and repair such a lovely piece! Gorgeous color. I’ve been tempted to paint a few things turquoise but am waiting it out. Bravo!

    • Thanks Leilani, It is a bright ray of sunshine in the rainy, rainy Vancouver weather we’ve been having. Can’t wait until the clouds lift, and we can actually spend sometime using the bench, instead of looking forlorn out the window at it.

  2. That is the happiest color I’ve ever seen. Congrats on a beautiful transformation. (I’m especially impressed, because things like bolts, screws and nails were involved. :))

    • Surely I can come and paint your bench…there’s lots of leftover paint. One can do cross-boarder shopping, why not cross-boarder painting? Meet you in Blaine ;)

    • Thanks Ms Amy. The pavers/gravel are interim…some of them have moss growing through them now – eventually the garden will grow and that little bench will be a nice hit of turquoise in a field of green :)

    • Thanks Alana,
      At least Vancouver winters aren’t too tough on the things left outside (or at least, that’s what I’m trying to convince myself).

  3. Oh my goodness, what a difference! I love turquoise, what a great color choice. Very impressed in the transformation of your old bench. I admit that after the first couple of photos, I thought “just throw that old thing away!”

    • Was totally tempted to throw it away, indeed. But two little people convinced me it might be worth fixing up…they are smart (albeit cheeky) children – of course, they really didn’t do anything to help either! ;)

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