Friday Evening Walk

Last night the neighbourhood was heavy with the smell of these beauties

The lilacs are out. The weather has finally turned. The skies are blue, and all those May flowers are in full bloom. It was a great evening for a walk around the neighbourhood. The evenings have been so nice, I haven’t been at my computer at all.

Have been walking further east. Trying to get some ideas for the verge garden. There are some real beauties out there. I hadn’t really realized how fully engaged Vancouverites are with their front gardens. This Espaliered apple tree left me slack-jawed and envious. Maybe in twenty years I could grow something like this on the side of the house. Maybe.

I spoke with the gardener of this little plot for quite a while. He said I could help myself to any of the plants I wanted from his garden.

This lovely verge is just a couple blocks away from our Little House.
These flowers are all from a garden that is further north from our place.

I’m having minor pangs of garden envy. Mine will get there someday.

Did you get out to see the super moon last week? It was amazing. I failed to capture a good photo, this is about the best one that I was able to get.

Oh, I’ve got a couple of completed projects too, but haven’t been able to post – I’ll try my best to get them uploaded and posted in the coming days. Hope you’ve all had some time to stop and smell the May flowers.


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