Vroom…vvvvrrrooom – Week 17 of 52 Beautiful & Useful

This is Little S at 18 months old, she loved to go, go, go.

Over the last 7 years the little motorcycle rocker has gotten a lot of use. The rough, childlike, hand-painting wore off. And the back rail started to buckle and break from constant use.

After Little S outgrew the bike, Little O inherited it. He had a lot of fun playing with it. He’s use it in different scenarios, fixing it, riding it, dragging it around the yard. Even though he too is too big for the bike, he still uses it. Wildly yelling, rocking back and forth, never really going anywhere, but incredibly intent on getting to wherever his imagination is taking him.

It was time for this little rocker to get some well-deserved attention.

I took a look through all of our old can’s of paint, and found a colour scheme that would work well enough. Goodness knows why I’ve held onto some of the things around this place, and let go of others, but for some reason, I seem to have a dearth of spray paint.

Firstly, I fixed the broken rail, and let it set overnight.

Next, I roughly taped-off. I cut out a little stencil out of tape and stuck it to the tank. And then off to work I went happily spraying with the various paint colours.

I got a little too happy spraying in some of the areas, and went back after the photo below, and did some touch-ups around the wheel-well, seat, and tires.

I was going to leave the rails unpainted, but had enough of the black left to do the job, and figured – why not?

The sun was starting to fade, and I left the bike out to dry and cure over the coming days (and then had to move it inside, because it rained continuously for what seemed like the longest, wettest spring on record). Here’s the bike soaking in the last few rays of light.

Here’s the bike, all painted and ready to be used (already being used, actually – little people had to be shooed away to take this photo). It still shows its age, but looks a little fresher.

After finishing the painting (and cleaning-up). There was enough daylight left to get this little sign onto the front gate. It didn’t take long, and is just one little thing checked off that larger list of stuff yet to do.

Believe it or not, people have actually been closing the gate after themselves now… I thought it might bring out the passive-aggressive in folks…but turns out, a little direction goes a long way.

I’m late with my link-up to French Fries and Pancakes, but better late than never…see you again this Thursday with another William Morris inspired project.


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