Week 20 – Beautiful & Useful

The weekend started out beautifully, and I was fairly useful (quite useful in fact). Then this happened and continued to happen for what seemed like the majority of the long weekend.

It didn’t just rain, it was intense, pouring, torrents of water. We delayed all of our outdoor plans, and had an indoor picnic.

The rain didn’t stop for a long time. So, I decided to sit still, for what seemed like many, many hours and tuck into a project that was inspired by this. It took a few hours. It was kind of mesmerizing, calming…and annoying at the same time. Sixty million feet of twine around an electrical cord wrapping a piece, then re-wrapping it with knots a second time (slight exaggeration on my point). This was just a practice run, I’ll try to do another project on a larger scale, I now want to cover all the loose cords in our house with nifty-keen macrame projects.

I found the twine in a bucket in the back room, the star light has been around for a decade and has depreciated significantly over the last few years (I think I bought it for around $10). I’m pretty sure that I don’t make anything per hour while working at home, so I’m going to put this project at zero dollar cost.

How did your William Morris projects go? Can’t wait to see the link-ups at Pancakes and French Fries.



5 thoughts on “Week 20 – Beautiful & Useful

    • Thanks Alana
      Usually I’m busy wrangling to untie knots, I’m thinking that there could be some super fun applications for this around the house – like my computer/tv/stereo/internet/speaker cable mess that peers at me every time I enter the living room.

    • Striving for those ‘zen’ moments ;) – think that having a week of sunshine helped me through the recent deluge, making stillness a possibility. In all honesty, I probably sighed a lot while knotting.

  1. Great idea! My daughter has a neat lampshade that she wants to use over a hanging light kit, but we hadn’t decided how to cover the cord. This is perfect! Thanks

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