Neighbourhood Walks

I’m thinking about adding another section here on neighbourhood walks. Most evenings I get out for a walk, usually I try to limit it to around five kilometres, but sometimes I go further afield. They are fairly leisurely walks, stopping to smell the roses and admire people’s gardens and homes. Vancouver’s got some lovely gardens, and for that matter there is some pretty cool architecture too.

For the last month, I’ve been walking by the cemetery that is near the house. I don’t know what happened here, but there is a patch of bushes that have been burned – maybe arson, maybe electrical? The effect is stunning and desolate.

Wisteria is in full bloom right now. There are a few homes that are just dripping with purple petals. I have a little wisteria plant in my front garden, and hope that one day soon it will grow to cover the porch, and look something like this:

Are these monkey trees popular everywhere? I’ve always been fascinated by them, there used to be one down the street from my childhood home. There were stories about the tree. It was a mysterious foreign-looking tree, so unlike anything else in our cedar strewn neighbourhood. The greatest legend was that it was completely unclimbable. I failed to test the theory as a child, and doubt I will be trying to climb anytime soon.

At some point, I’d like to add a brick pathway up to the house, not sure exactly how to integrate it into the garden, but I like the way this looks

And finally. Last weekend before the deluge of rain started, I went to my favourite nursery to have a little peak at some beautiful plants. I spotted this beauty from afar (the $100 price tag was a little too rich for my blood). It is a Misaka Itoh Peony, an intersectional hybrid. Exceptionally beautiful, some gardener will be lucky to have it growing in the yard.


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