Neighbourhood Walks

This is the first rose in our garden. There are many more budding on the two plants that I’ve planted, but if this rain doesn’t let up, I’m pretty sure that they are all going to be eaten by bugs or washed-away in the deluge.

I checked-in on the espaliered tree that is a couple of kilometres away from my house. It is looking lush, and full of fruit (I think cherries, but will be able to tell in July).

The Laburnum trees are in full bloom right now, they’re one of my favourite trees – if only I had space in my yard for one of these beauties

There were bees buzzing merrily all throughout this Solomon’s Seal plant, I couldn’t get any photos of the bumbles. Solomon Seal would grow beautifully in my front garden, as it is pretty happy in a shady spot, might look into getting some cuttings for next year.

Big lovely poppies are everywhere right now. They are so short-lived, but so beautiful. I’ve got some red ones in my yard, but think adding a few of these pink ones could be pretty sweet.

All this rain has been good for one thing though, everyone’s gardens are green and lush…

These walks are pretty peaceful, it is interesting to see the gardens changing with the weather and the seasons. Wonder what new plants will be budding next week?


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