A Few of My Favourite Things – 19 of 52 – The Matching Game

The Matching Game

As a child, I used to play this game for hours. Sometimes I would play it by myself. Testing my memory, learning the intricacies of the cards (where the little splotches were, which ones had flaws, what corners were slightly bent – anything that would provide an advantage). When Little S came along we’d play together, sometimes her dad would join in. He didn’t know all these little eccentricities, and was always astounded at how good my memory was, little did he know that I had a bit of an advantage (eventually I owned-up to it). I swear that memory games have been instrumental in the development of both my memory and my daughter’s. We both have excellent memories, for pictures and useless information, if only the memory went further so that we could remember dates and appointments.

Although dusty and a little musty, these cards are still in use. Both kids enjoy playing with them. Little S is kicking our asses at the matching game now, but I think her little brother will be providing stiff competition soon.

Sometimes I think about taking my favourite images, and creating something special from them, maybe some little t-shirts, toys or wallpaper. They have a strong graphic quality, and could look pretty good in a different medium. Could be kind of fun too. Do you have any childhood games that you love to play still? I don’t think I’ll ever grow too old to play the matching game.


4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things – 19 of 52 – The Matching Game

  1. I love this! I definitely think you should make either t-shorts or little prints on canvas!
    I just raided my Mum’s box of old toys and found our old wildlife matching game, with real photos – I’m sure we got it from the Audoban Society. I also found this little plastic blue 3D puzzle that is really hard – the idea is to make the shapes form a rectangle. Casey is too young for it, but I can’t wait to play it with him one day.
    Casey just discovered dice, and I searched high and low until I found a dice I’ve saved since I was about six. It’s red and translucent. I loved it, and hoped that Casey would too (which he did), afterall, I’ve kept that dice throughout 22 moves!!!!

    • I think I could make some sort of material and have it printed at spoonflower, that would be fun – Would make great raincoats for all this rainy weather we’ve been having.
      Old games are so much fun, we have all these cooky old musty games that the kids love. Even a real snakes and ladders (no shoots for us).
      Dice are great, can’t believe you were able to hold onto it for 22 moves…that’s got to be some sort of Guinness World Record ;)

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