Beautiful and Useful – Week 23 of 52

This week’s project isn’t exactly beautiful. Not even close. But it is useful, so I’m at least 50% there.

Somehow I neglected to take photos when it was sunny out, and now we’re feeling the effects of an excellent Junuary here in Vancouver. The rain is non stop. It feels like a warmer version of January. Not complaining, just stating the sad facts ;)

I didn’t post a Beautiful and Useful last week, but I had completed a few projects, including installing an outside light on the back porch. Where once there was darkness, there is now light. This is the best and only before photo that I’ve got. You can see it just above the fence line, there’s a blank space with live wires hanging out, waiting for a light to be attached. There was a light there before the roof was done. But somehow the light was removed, and no one took responsibility for it. It was the weirdest thing. The roofers said they didn’t do it. The gutter installers said they didn’t do it. My father-in-law said he didn’t do it. And I know that I didn’t do it, but somehow, one day the light was attached, and then the next time I looked it was sitting nicely on the ground, and all the wires were tied-off. Anyhow, bygones will be bygones. I didn’t like the original porch light anyhow, so good riddance. 

The new light isn’t much to write home about, but it is small and fairly unobtrusive.

I also sprayed this mailbox, and took it from yellow

To black (and took the world’s worst photo this morning…it was pouring out. I was rushing to work. Please forgive my crappy photographic unskilled mess of a photo – cropped poorly and really weirdly shadowy). I have to do some touch-ups on the house paint, it looks weird, I didn’t spray the box on the wall, but it looks like I did!

Last but not least, I put a working lock on the back door and switched out the door knob (can you contain your excitement here…I know how awesome this week’s project is).

It sort of looked like this before, but with a silver broken lock.

That’s about it. There are a few more things crossed off the larger list. All in all, a pretty boring WM week…maybe next week will be more exciting? Hope you all did well with your own projects. Linking-up with Jules over at Pancakes and French Fries, hope other folks were a little more productive than I was this week.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful and Useful – Week 23 of 52

  1. That looks very productive, Jenn! We have non-working porch light that drives me crazy, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to require the electrician to check out the wiring, and I need to do something about our house numbers (nobody can see them). Your mailbox and door hardware look really nice now.

    • It is all an illusion, productivity was actually pretty low these last few weeks.
      That reminds me, I’ve got house numbers to put up too, and to paint the old ones…maybe once the rain stops.

  2. Sometimes projects just are boring and non-photogenic. Oh well! Still worth doing. I have to say I love your new exterior light though–and the mailbox looks 100x better. Glad you posted. I like keeping up with your sweet house.

    • Thanks Alana,
      If this darn rain would stop, I could get some painting done and finish some more projects! But for now, I must be contented to stay inside and organize :)

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