Evening Walks

The weather has been a little rainy, typical really for June in Vancouver. People’s gardens are feeling the effects of all the rain though, there’s a lot of powdery mildew forming on the over full gardens (mine included). This last week, I’ve been heading south on my walks, seeing if there are any interesting gardens in southeast Vancouver.

To be honest, there were fewer interesting gardens. I’ll have to widen my search area, maybe bump up my walks to 10k, but within a 5k perimeter, there were a few beauties.

I almost lost it, when I walked by this garden. It had the most beautifully soft pastel peonies I’ve ever seen.

This garden had some of the most lovely flowers, these white lupins are so pretty.

Oh, and along the way I noticed some garden makeshiftery (yes, I know that isn’t a word). Someone’s keeping their very old and overgrown lilac tree together with an old coat hanger.

In this vacant lot in the city nature taking over and doing what it does best, making things beautiful.

I couldn’t help but take  a photo of this old house. This is the realtor that sold us our little house, and his name was scattered all over the neighbourhood I was walking through. I can barely believe it, but this place is selling for 1.7 million dollars…in southeast Vancouver – practically 2 million, at least it isn’t completely falling apart. Things are just that crazy here with real estate.

I know that this is sort of goofy, but I have this thing for collapsing old structures, and while walking by this old carport, I couldn’t help but snap a photo. I love the way that it is slightly tilted to the side, and the track that leads up to the structure, with the grass growing down the centre. There’s just something very comforting and homey about the way it looks.

Did you get out and enjoy any walks this last week? This weather has changed here, so I’m hoping to get out even more over the coming evenings. Maybe I’ll get to see the very last blooms falling off the rhododendron trees.



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