30s Pottery – A Few of My Favourite Things 23 of 52

This is my Branksome china set. There are lots of pieces, and I’m adding to it when I find items on craigslist or Ebay. I’ve written about it before. Even though they are a little fancy for my Little House, I’m pretty in love with the design.

When we were having our roof redone in December, I came home and found this in the sink

I’m aware that this is only stuff, and that having earthy attachments to stuff doesn’t bode well for the psyche, but damn, I was just as shattered as those dishes. Lessons learned. Don’t leave lidded pretty dishes on open shelving while having the roof redone.

I’ve still got a good selection of dishes, and I enjoy them.  One day I’ll find two covered dishes to replace the ones that were lost, maybe one day I’ll go to the factory itself, and have myself a gander at the source of all this beauty.


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