Beautiful and Useful – Week 24 of 52

Didn’t think this one was going to happen, but low and behold, I finally found just what I’ve been looking for (in a place where I least expected it). I’ve been trying to find a wall-mounted felt pocket for around six months. Everywhere I’ve been, has either been just out of stock or don’t stock at all. But low and behold, while I was in Deep Cove after work today, there high on a shelf, in a little lovely store, there was the planter that I’ve been looking for.

Here’s a look at before – Staghorn Fern on the table, and painting from Tanzania (from a friend).

A few quick measurements, two plugs in the wall, a couple of screws (came with the pocket), and moved the picture hanger a little lower. Popped the fern into the pocket, and Bob’s your uncle. Done.

We’ll see how the fern grows into the pocket, and I might add a few more plants to make it all filled and beautiful.

Was it a busy week? It sure has flown by. How did your projects go? I’m going to have a look over at Pancakes and French Fries to see what everyone has been up to.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful and Useful – Week 24 of 52

    • The felt is lined so it doesn’t hurt the wall behind it, hopefully I can add some more plants to it, and get it looking lovelier. We’re lacking space, so things on the wall seem like a smart option.

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