Poppies, Lilies and Rain

Everyone here complains about the rain. Even the folks who are ‘above’ all of that moaning about the weather are starting to feel pangs of jealousy towards warmer climes. I won’t go on about it. Instead, we’ll talk about other things – like poppies, lilies and the first strawberry of the season – looks a little wet, doesn’t it?

There are another dozen or so that are just about ready to pick. I’ve put them in the sunniest spot we’ve got, so hopefully they won’t disappear into a puff of mildew.

I would have liked to have gotten a good photo of my poppies, but alas, they were washed away before their time. They’ve been cut right back, so if it the weather changes, I might just get another few lovelies.

Last night the lilies bloomed. So happy to see their bright orange petals. Such a beautiful little flower.

Right in the bottom lefthand corner is my ailing heather. I hope it comes back. Our family is probably the only Scots that seem destined to kill heather – neither my parents nor I have much luck growing the darn thing. I’ve forgotten the name of this little purple gem. It has weathered through, and appears to be taking off now.

Even though we’re having a bit of a slow starting summer, I am thankful for views like this

I’ve got the pleasure of working one (sometimes two) days a week in one of the new buildings on campus. It is a welcome change of scenery, and a very quiet and productive workspace. Things aren’t all bad, especially when I’m able to spend most my time surrounded by good people, doing amazing work.


2 thoughts on “Poppies, Lilies and Rain

    • It is getting hard to be okay with this weather, isn’t it? Trying to take solace in the amazing view (when it isn’t completely hemmed-in by plumes of clouds).

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