Evening Walks

The sun is beating through the window this morning, it feels warm and absolutely lovely. Betting this evening’s walk is going to be lovely. Crossing my fingers, hoping for the best.

Delphiniums are out in full loveliness right now. I’m thinking about how to integrate some into my yard, these ones in particular are looking quite stunning.

These blue bells were hiding in a very lush garden. Everything was so green and full, I’m not sure if it was the look that they were trying to achieve, but nevertheless, it was pretty nice.I do not know what this crazy yellow bulbous flower is, it looks like something from warmer climes, entirely foreign in a sea of spruce, cedar, and fir trees – does anyone know what it is?
The foxgloves are coming to the end of their season, but are still holding strong. These ones were growing on the side of a busy road, in the midst of concrete and apartment complexes, this guy was at least six feet tall, and towered over a chain-link fence.

Pretty pink Dogwood. There are a lot of Dogwood trees in my neighbourhood, and the rain seems to have been doing them a lot of good, most were stunningly full of blossoms. Hope they are around for a good long time this summer.

Shasta Daisies are out – or at least they are out in some places, mine are still looking rather pathetic, maybe it is time to find a sunnier spot for them.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this expanse of purple fuzzy thyme. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it felt so soft and delicate.


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