Hello? William Morris, it’s me – it has been a while, but I’ve still been working on things

Everyone goes through busy times. For some reason, I always anticipate that the summer will lull quietly forward, but it never does. Instead, it has been full of very long days, madly dashing towards completing work projects, just skirting under the all to short deadlines that have hung heavily on the horizon for months. This is all to say that after the 12-16 hour work days, I haven’t had much left in me, and what I have had, has been spent with my family, away from the computer. However, I have been busily at work at home too. The weekends have been fairly successful.

A few weeks ago we arranged to pick-up a free piano on Craigslist. Our friend was gracious enough to lend us both his cube van and his help in transporting it back to our home. It is a sweet little piano, built in Canada around the turn of the century (1900 – not 2000). Amazingly, it isn’t too out of tune. The old ivories are mainly intact, and the body of the piano is in fine condition – with the exception of a rather chewed-up looking leg (nothing a little sanding and stain won’t fix).

The piano came with a little beat-up bench. It took a few hours a little elbow grease, and some new foam, but it came together just fine. I don’t know why, but I missed taking a before photo – this is as close as I got…

After taking the top off, peeling away the dusty embroidered top, and cleaning it up. I put on some fabric that I had left over from another project, and some trim that I’ve had sitting around for several years. Oh, and I painted it too….



Now it looks something like this. The upholstery job isn’t my best, I might go and fix the wavy line of the stripe (Damn stripe, looked so straight before photos).



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