More like suck, than success

Oh how I thought something miraculous was going to happen last weekend. I had grand plans to show our amazingly tidied and sparse laundry/storage space. Organized, bright and light-filled photos should be posted here on this page. Big S and I cleaned out the whole thing, made a couple of piles to give away, keep, and sell. We planned a big yard sale for Saturday last. My parents offered to take the kids, so that they wouldn’t be subject to the purge taking place. The plan was flawless.

Early Saturday morning, we pulled all of our wears out into the yard and onto the verge. The weather was gorgeous, not a spec of rain on the horizon. We busily got to work, preparing for the onslaught of patrons. We made signs and posted them on the busy roads, and put up notices on Craigslist and Kijiji. Then we waited for the hordes of yard-sale bargain hunters to arrive. We waited, patiently at first, and then we started getting antsy. Big S made another cup of coffee for each of us, and we sat on the porch, and talked about our dreams for this little house, and made plans for the future.

Eventually, after three hours of chatting, at around 11am, we had our first customer. A neighbour, who was more curious about the house than what we had for sale. At that point, I was thinking, let’s just call it a day, and go do something fun. However, we kept the yard sale going for eight long, unenviable and lonely hours. We made $55. I was all, “that was a huge waste of time”. Big S was more positive, and felt that fifty-five dollars was more than we started the day with, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

We piled a bunch of items into the car and took them down to the secondhand store, and then I dropped Big S off for a Saturday evening shift at the theatre. Upon arriving home, and seeing the piles of stuff that we had left over, I had a moment of frustrated sadness. What should I be doing with everything that we’ve got leftover?

For now I’ve made a pile on the couch, with the thought that leaving it out in the open will give me the drive to get the items posted on craigslist, and give another try at selling off a few more things. It is almost a week later, and the items are still sitting on the couch.

Not everything turns out as we have planned. Not every venture is a success.Image

I refuse to be totally bitter about the pile of stuff. Tonight I’m going to post everything on craigslist, and have given myself a two week limit on getting everything out of the house. It will happen.

Thanks again to Jules at Pancakes and French Fries for fighting the good fight, and working towards something beautiful and useful in every room.


11 thoughts on “More like suck, than success

  1. My 2 cents: I’d just donate the stuff to a charity. I get a write-off on my taxes that nets me the same (or better) than I’d get by selling it–and no hassles with garage sales or craigslist. And it’s gone right away. Have been so happy since I realized this.

    • OH! I never knew that could happen, what charities will give a tax receipt? I know there are ones that come and pick things up, but I’ve never heard of any tax benefit…please share! :)

      • As long as you itemize. You keep track of what you have given and pick up a receipt when you drop it off. Usually they have you put your estimate of value and they just sign it. If you use a tax program on the computer, it will have a section that helps you determine the fair market value of your items.
        We do this and always come out miles ahead of what we have ever made on a garage sale. Plus it is quicker and far less work!

      • I donate to Goodwill and Salvation Army; both give receipts. And like May says, you have to itemize your returns. When I make a donation, I write a list of every single item. When I get the receipt, I attach it to the list. Then I throw them in a file folder. It takes a while to enter every item when I do my taxes, but it’s been very worth it.

    • I had no idea that you could do that! Thanks for the tip! Now I can skip the Kijiji hassle and take the pile of stuff in my basement room straight to the benefit shop. :)

    • Thanks Alice. I’ve never had a lonely garage sale before…it was a weird and sad experience. But it was for the overall good, and over the coming weeks, we’ll have a nice clean space to enjoy.

  2. A big congrats on going through every thing … and so sorry to hear that the garage sale didn’t go well. We have been in a similar boat lately as we’ve purged tons of things in preparation for our move from a house with lots of side buildings to an apartment. Once we got here, we found the initial purge was not enough…and so I’m having to purge a lot of stuff once again.

    We’ve mostly put things on Freecycle because they don’t do the tax benefit thing here in Germany. And I know that karma is smiling on us for blessing others with the stuff. But we did end up having to toss a lot just because we didn’t want to have it sit around here forever.

    Best of luck with the craigslisting!

    • Thanks Tiffany, it isn’t really all that bad. Yesterday I actually sat at the desk in the back room, and it felt good to not be surrounded by all that clutter. We’ll get the stuff out soon. Very soon.

    • They are the pits! Never again. You know what though, I ended up listing everything on craigslist, and within a few days everything was gone and I had a couple hundred bucks in the bank. Next time I’ll just go straight to craigslist.

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