Evening Walks

There have been some great evening walks these last few weeks. Perhaps they’ve been a little rushed, as my camera has been left behind on more than one occasion. Maybe it is that I’m practically running out of the house before the opportunity leaves. There’s probably some simple way of ensuring the camera makes it from my hand into my bag, without being left on the table. Someday I’ll figure this out, but for now I’m going to make a concerted effort to pack my camera in the morning, seems like a simple enough idea.

Trying to fit in the walks with the bicycling commute has been pretty successful, probably because my bike to and from work is only 9k. There are many folks that are able to easily incorporate exercise into their daily routines, making it a priority, admittedly, if the ride was much more than 12km, I probably wouldn’t get to the walk too. It is a gentle incline for the trip home, and never feels particularly rushed, but overall the late afternoon is still the most rushed feeling time of the day for me. It all goes so quickly, and I’m easily distracted by pretty/fun/random/sedentary/reading/lolly-gaggin, that the time between work ending and getting dinner on the table vanishes as quickly as the sunshine in Vancouver. Do you know what I mean, or is this just my own super-wasteful non-observant way of living? Sometimes, I just want to step back, and enjoy the process of making dinner a little more. Most of the weekdays dinners I make take around 30 minutes to prep and cook. I’m lucky, as I get home from work around 4:30 and this helps in getting dinner on the table for around 5pm.

We’ve really been limiting our grocery budget, in hopes of saving a little extra money each month. To help the produce and goods stretch a little further, I’ve been planning out our dinners for the month, and emailing the list to the Big S, so that we’re on the same page. This way, items from the fridge don’t get mistakenly eaten, or forgotten about when pushed to the back of the fridge. Even though planning out thirty or so dinners can be a bit of a drag, it is good in the long run, and doesn’t really take too much time. Every month I throw in a few new recipes, and try to expand our food repertoire.

After cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, and helping get the kids ready for bed and a little reading to them, I try to slip out the door quickly and quietly, to head out on my walks. The hydrangea have bloomed, and the crocosmia are absolutely stunning, there’s a plethora of colour out there. I wish that we could have a bigger garden, and that someone paid me to work in it all day. That way, there I could throw in a rainbow of colour into the overall scheme, and have it all come together over several acres of loveliness. On one of my last walks, I went over to the west side. Nothing against east Vancouver, but since I was heading out there on another task, it seemed a good idea to take in some of what the other side has to offer.

This garden is a real beauty. So many ideas to take home. The garden was less than two feet deep to the sidewalk, but it was jam packed full of lovelies.

Although it doesn’t quite compare to this lovely little corner garden, my own Little House, is coming along, haven’t made my way along the side yet, but am thinking that there might be some hope after seeing the garden above.


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