Life on pause

Think I’ve been waiting for something to happen; more directly though, I’ve waiting for something GREAT to happen. Still waiting.

In the meantime, however, I’ve been sort of losing making my way through the backlog of work that has piled-up during the last few months. Spent the majority of August getting things sorted at work and at home. At the end of each day, there just hasn’t been enough time, and writing has made way for other priorities. I’ve been absent from this little venue, and have missed it so much.

Yesterday we went to Centennial Beach. Pants were rolled to the knees, and the water was lovely and warm.

The tide was out, pools were full of life, and the kids loved weaving their way through the seaweed. Pockets of air slipped out of the plants with a pop between our toes as we waded through forging an invisible path. At first there were tiny pebbles and the remnants of seagull pilfered mussels, but then we reached the sand, and it was lovely and soft as we walked the kilometre out to the water’s edge. It was a slow meandering walk. We quickened our pace on the way back as the eddies came streaming quickly to the shore.

We sat on large pieces of driftwood, and watched the tide come in, waiting happily for our jeans to dry in the salty air.

On our walk back to the car we raided a few blackberry bushes. With stained hands and sweetened tummies we headed back to the city, flush with vitamin D, happy for the warmth of September.


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