Autumn – Bike Rides and Bean Bags

Where did October go? Will leave it at that.

The Vancouver monsoon season appears to have started, and will be with us for a while. Every time there is a little respite from the deluge I’ve been getting on my bike and cycling off in hopes of city adventures. Last Sunday, we all went out for a ride around the city. It was one of the first times that the little girl has taken her bicycle out on the streets of Vancouver. She’s not the most confident of riders, and I was a bit nervous going on a long ride with her. The last time we went out together, she was so very nervous, which in turn made me nervous, which likely made most of the drivers who came anywhere near us nervous too. However, this time was totally different. We talked before leaving, made sure the brakes were working well, went over the route, where she needed to be on the road, and what to expect along the way.

We took the bike route down to the seawall, cycled to Granville Island, had a snack, rode up to Douglas Park, and then Little S and I had a little ride, just the two of us. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. We came home smelling of fresh air and feeling full of happiness.

Not sure if riding and taking photos is akin to driving and texting, but I managed not to crash or cause any crashes. Although, I did learn that being left-handed and taking photos while riding a bike, was easier if I held the camera upside down. Yup, I’m that uncoordinated, but am more than ready to admit to my awkward leftisms.

We’re still busy working on projects throughout the house. Most of them have been incredibly tedious, and not worthy of photo-taking or discussion. We cleared out more stuff, made some great sales on craigslist, and have increased the feeling of space within our little house. Along the way we insulated under the house, and now our floors are slightly warmer. There aren’t any good photos to prove what an awful task it is to crawl under a dusty house and work in a tiny space for hours on end, and this photo makes it look so much more inviting than it was is real life.

Not a fun activity. Thank goodness Big S and his dad were willing to go down there and complete the task, I didn’t envy a single second of it, and thanked my lucky stars that no one asked me for help. The good news is that we now have a dry storage space under the house, and a little more warmth under our tootsies on these cold fall nights. Maybe our heating bill and consumption of energy will be slightly less this winter too. We still have to caulk around the windows, but have it on our agenda to complete within the coming weeks.

In preparation for winter’s cold I finished a little sewing project.

A while back Ikea was selling bean bag chairs, and they seemed like just the thing for our little living room. They were priced lower than I could make them for, and the kids were very kean them, but I really wasn’t fond of the covers that were available. Luckily they were sold with or without covers, so I picked up two bags for less than $40. Once we got them home, I rifled through my sewing materials, and found a metre of heavy, wool houndstooth.

It was just enough to cover the bag.

On the second bag I used a very old and worn Hudson’s Bay Blanket (bought off of craigslist for a few bucks). The HBC blanket had many moth holes in it and was pretty shabby around the edges. After mending the holes and giving it a good wash, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it, so had put it aside for just the right project.

The whole project took around one hour. The covers each have zipper closures, which used the majority of overall sewing time. I couldn’t get a great shot reflecting the rather grand size of the finished bag, but it is about four and a half feet long when fully stretched out. 

Most of the time, they’re pretty lazily flung against the wall, waiting to be manipulated into just the right shape for lounging in.

Hoping that autumn lasts, wishing for a few more rain-free days, a few more cycling adventures, carefree days outside enjoying all the exquisite fall colours.


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