No Faeries or Smurfs

Every year these bright red mushrooms pop up along the route we take to get home from work and school.
Each year, I find them equally amazing and completely stunning.
What is in the soil that creates these crazy poisonous mushrooms?
But more importantly, where are the faeries and smurfs?
Did you watch the Smurfs? Remember those long adventures that Poppa Smurf would take them on, and the inquiries of “Are we there yet?”. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to go on one of those long adventures, something long enough to miss home. Venture off to some semi-foreign land, learn some news tricks, and bring home some magic.
We’re trying to plan out some sort of big adventure for late 2013. We had thought that we might do something for 2012, but finances have been a silly huge obstacle. I know if money weren’t an issue, we’d go abroad for at least a year, and I would take a leave of absence from work. But alas, we’re not flush with cash, and if we’re going to do something far from home, we’re going to have to plan it well, save, and make many, many arrangements ahead of time. We might even have to make a few sacrifices to reach our goal. Imagine that, actually making choices and sticking to a budget. It is shameful that we haven’t been able to figure out how to do this with any consistency thus far.
I know a few folks who have travelled abroad with their children, and they’ve all said that the ‘leaving’ was the hardest part, once the adventure began, they couldn’t believe it had taken them that long to get going in the first place. I wish I had that confidence.
Maybe if there is a job to go to Maybe if we knew someone where we were going. Maybe if there was some sort of schooling to be done. Maybe if there was someone who wanted us to visit. Maybe if there was a magic pot of gold at the end of the street. Feel fraught with maybes, and the maybes are getting in the way of making things happen.
If we’re going to make some of these dreams a reality. I have to stop looking for imaginary beings hoping and wishing for some sort of magic to happen. Maybe, just maybe, if we actually work really hard and put a little extra away each month, we could actually start making the dreams of adventures abroad a reality.

2 thoughts on “No Faeries or Smurfs

    • They are totally crazy – there’s no filter here, this is exactly how they look! A couple of them look like ripe tomatoes…but I’m thinking it best to avoid eating them ;)

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