NYE 2012

Here we go, the new year, isn’t quite here, but I can’t wait for 2013 to begin. There are a number of projects that I wasn’t able to finish in the last year, and there are a bunch of new things to accomplish this year. Some of the projects are personal and some are just practical, some of them I’m ready to share, others I’m going to keep in my back pocket and save for a rainy day.

Marimekko Shoes

Firstly, I’m joining Jules and walking 365, if I walk just over four kilometres each day, I’ll have made my way from Vancouver to San Francisco by the end of the year. I’m printing out and posting up a little google map, and will mark my daily kilometres onto it, should be 300+ hours of walking, I want to be accountable, but I also know that I need to measure some sort of progress. Using a map should help me to visually see just how far I’ve made it, and how much further there is to go before the end of 2013. January and February won’t be the prettiest or kindest of walking weather, and I think I’m going to approach them pragmatically and practically by getting them done and over with early in the morning. I won’t post each and every step, but I will be sure to have camera in hand to capture any interesting moments.


Secondly, this little family needs to get out and explore new places and visit old favourites in and around Vancouver. Once upon a time we used to go for walks in the woods, and picnics in new places, I’m looking forward to bringing back our Sunday adventures. There are so many wonderful places to visit, so many strange species of plants and fungi around here, I want to learn more about them. I’d like to find out more about foraging and identifying edible plants. Seems like the kind of information that a bunch of city kids could use to learn.


Thirdly, I plan to leave room for spontaneity. Even though we’re not in 2013 yet, Little S and I were out for a walk, and after grabbing a few groceries, we saw that there was a special on ‘express manis’ at a shop we walked past. Most of the time I’ve got dirt under my fingernails, and am not what one would term, a ‘girly girl’, and the likelihood a nail varnish lasting more than a few hours before chipping is pretty shy, but, I’m not against a little frivolity. We had the time, and wanted to do something together, Little S looked at me with those sparkly eyes, and nodded her head emphatically that she wanted to go in, so we added a little sparkle to our fingernails something a little special for New Year’s Eve. These aren’t big life-changing moments, but these small unplanned adventures should add-up to a year’s worth of good memories.


Large on the list of resolutions for this new year is sewing, making special pieces for lovely people. At least a project per month. Maybe even producing something marketable, I know I’ve got it in me, I want to create solid, simply-designed clothing, it feels like the right time to put thoughts into action. The pile of fabric that is mounting in my back room is about to avalanche down, and my mind’s bursting with new design ideas, no more dilly-dallying, it is time to hear the purr of needle and thread against fabric, and that shear sound of the scissors cutting through fabric, the clunk of the open blade on the table – these are sounds I love, need to hear them more often.

We’ll still be working hard on Little House both inside and out, hopefully some big changes will be happening soon, can’t wait to get started.

All the best for 2013 – Health, Family Adventures, Creativity,  and Love. -Jenn.



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