New Year’s Day 2013

Day 1, 2013

First discovery, slippery sidewalks. There was an older gentleman, cane in hand, walking deftly in front of me. His steps firmly placed on solid cement, my ginger-footed following sliding wildly behind. Heading into the bush, crunching my way across frost-covered lawns, brushing by white and red berried branches, and dodging large drips from dewy fir trees, I started climbing the short hill to the top of Little Mountain.


Breathless, at the top of the hill, clearly rewarded by a crystal blue Vancouver morning.Queen Elizabeth Park Fountain and Biodome

Spotted sun melted away the frost in patches across the wet cement. The snow-line is solid against the horizon, it seems to be slinking down the mountains, getting closer to the bottom of the North Shore.

DSC08176Down the other side of the mountain, steps getting firmer, less frost covering the ground. The little pond at the bottom of the hill was filled with ducks, gently paddling through the water.


Sunshine streaming through the branches, hitting the water and reflecting a brilliant white light.DSC08186

Tiny white mushroom, hidden under a blanket of maple leaves.

Good morning 2013.


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