Today’s walk was pragmatic, a series of tasks from one place to the next. First to the library, then a play date, then the bus, then steps here, and steps there. We haven’t had our car for a week, and had to go out of town to pick it up, on our way back to Vancouver we made a quick dash out to Steveston for a nice, albeit short, sunset walk.

DSC08204Frost was just starting to set on the dock.


Pretty nice little sunset. Not bad at all for a January in the Lower Mainland.


Tried to take a photo of Mt. Baker, miles away in a different country, it kind of shows.DSC08196

Couldn’t help but include this photo of my little guy, his eyes were looking so blue, the photo doesn’t do them justice – they were cerulean, deep and lovely.


2 thoughts on “Steveston

  1. What gorgeous photos you took! I was kicking myself for not bringing my real camera to Steveston that day! I, too, tried to take a photo from Garry Point of Mount Baker, but it didn’t even show up on my iphone, ha ha ha. : ) I can’t believe we were there at the same time, just a few blocks away from each other!

    • Thanks Judie,
      funny that Steveston was beckoning us both that day! Mt Baker looked so clear, don’t know why I couldn’t get a better photo. Perhaps my five pixel point and shoot isn’t the most advanced of cameras ;)

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