A Little William Morris Update

2012 was all about clearing out extraneous things, pretty well all year was spent organizing and dunging out. And now, come January 2013, I’ve got a little more space, a little more room to have things just so, and with that, things are just a little bit closer to how I’d like them feel.

Happened upon a Stendig Calendar while we were walking about in our neighbourhood. It totally caught me off guard, and it was a bit of a rash purchase, it was just before Christmas, and therefore became the ‘parents’ gift to each other. I’ve been looking at them online, but never really thought that they’d be available mere blocks away from Little House.


We are extremely excited to have acquired two of Canadian artist, Cedric Bomford‘s photographs. Gallery 295, co-curated by our closest friend, Michael Love, recently exhibited Cedric’s photography. One of the things that I’m pretty hopeful for this year, is to be able to purchase works that we’ve been in love with for many years. All going well, I’m especially hopeful, that by the end of this year, I’ll be able to get Composition I, by Karen Zalamea. We’re limited on wall space in Little House, but what we do have, I’d like to be able to celebrate by having work that I really love, and to finally do some grown-up things — like purchasing art.

Cedric’s work is front and centre, right in the middle of the living room wall.

Cedric Bomford
Cedric Bomford

The living room is pretty small, about 10×10′. I haven’t figured out a way to get any great photos showing the whole room at once, and every time I do, I end up knocking the picture frames, and leaving them less than square on the wall (as evidenced by the photo below). We’re still trying to work out the most ideal front door landing strip system. We’ve probably moved around that bench several dozen times. We’ve had coat hangers up and down, and usually, the place is just a mess of coats and shoes. At some point down the line, I think we’ll get a small wardrobe for the corner, and a smart basket for holding all the messes that each season brings.

We really need to repaint, but we’re about to do a little reno between the living room and the dining room, and it seems silly to paint and then repaint again once the work has been done. I still need to finish the legs on the couch and there’s a little bit of finessing left to do on the seams, but so far the homemade couch reupholstery job is holding-up. The fabric was heavily discounted, and is very, very high quality. I feel like I really lucked out finding it, even though it may not be everyone’s choice of colours, it was $20 for 5 metres of French heavy linen. I’m not going to complain at all, and the Kelly green really brightens up my day. It also helps me to not feel reckless in experimenting with upholstery techniques, when I know the couch was free (craigslist purchase at the same time as the chair).


Our two bean bag chairs are being put to good use, and although small, our living room is feeling warm and cosy on these cold evenings.

Living Room

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be updating the William Morris projects for 2013, and finishing off any stray projects from 2012. There’s so much to do, can’t wait to get things done. Time to get busy making a list.


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