A Little William Morris at Work

Let’s start off with a bang, eh? After reading a multitude of studies linking early death and a sedentary lifestyle (1, 2, 3, 4 just for a quick start), it seems like time to change some old habits. Thank goodness the new year is here, as it provides the perfect vehicle for a little (or a lot) of change to happen. I’ve been working solidly for the better part of a year on organizing at home, and now it is spilling over to my workplace.

Here’s the big admission, which I think just about everyone already knows: I sit for many, many hours per day. Sure, I have a bit of movement during my day, but not a lot, and when the years spent working at my desk are edging ever so closer to ten, and I spend the better part of the week at work, it seems like a good place to start making changes.

In December I read this quick article in the New York Times, at the time, it seemed like a small change, and something that I could do without spending any money, then the rush of Christmas happened, and a holiday too, and all of a sudden we’re in 2013. Never too late to start something new, and albeit, this is a bit of a work in progress, but as of today, my main desk is now a standing desk. It didn’t end up costing any money, and took about five minutes (with the help of a colleague). Here’s an older photo of my office/desk arrangement.

Old Setup

Old Setup

Here’s my new set-up. I’ve taken my Ikea Galant table and raised the height to 32 1/4″ (maximum height). Even at its height, the desk is still slightly low, so I’ve got my laptop up on a stand (this might not be permanent, but it was available and worth a try). This gives my wrists and arms a bit of a break, and provides a better ergonomic height  (I’m about 5’5″). I also pulled the area rug further over, so that I wasn’t standing on the hard concrete floor all day.

New Arrangement

New Arrangement

I realize that it isn’t mind-blowing, and that I’m a far, far distance away from having a completely workable and uncluttered space. But it is getting closer. Now if only I could make the paperwork pile that was magically gifted to me over the holiday disappear.

After Holiday Paper Work

After Holiday Paper Work

Standing at my desk provides a pretty nice little view out the window too, which isn’t all bad. After a full day of standing at work, my knees are a little sore, but I think it is totally doable. Just have to get used to this little change, hopefully it will make a positive difference overall.

Beautiful View

Beautiful View



5 thoughts on “A Little William Morris at Work

  1. Hi, visiting from Jules’ blog. How great that you’re doing the standing desk thing! Hope it helps. My husband works from home & tried doing it for a few months, but discovered that his productivity went way, way down. So back to sitting he went. :-(

    Gorgeous view!!

  2. I’d like to try this. I taught for nearly 20 years, and so was on my feet all day. 3 years ago I took a different kind of job, and now I’m mostly at a desk. My body is not the same! I’ve read about the benefits of a desk to stand at. Hoping you’ll post later to share how it’s going.

    • I’ll definitely do an update, and let you know how it is going. Hopefully I don’t lose productivity, and my body doesn’t rebel and curse me for the change!

  3. Looking forward to seeing how things go with your standing desk. Your view is lovely. I work from home as well and I find I really appreciate sitting right next to a window, especially when the sun comes out (which it doesn’t do nearly often enough lately here in Berlin). :)

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