And The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Now you see it

DSC08438 DSC08447


Now you don’t.*DSC08467I really wanted to wait on this post, until the project was totally complete, but just couldn’t be patient. We’ve wanted this wall to come down since we bought the house, and then through a series of disappointing conditions (the seller was ridiculous), we just decided to wait until we had the keys. Then somehow, even though we’ve been working steadily on the house, we neglected to knock down the wall. Well, wait no more, the wall is gone, and what a different it makes!

We were careful, neat, and tidy. And you know, it was very hard to not just slam a hammer through the wall and tear it to bits like a pack of wild dogs. However, instead, we were methodical (I know, who’d of thought?). We made very little mess, and disposed of the drywall as we were going along, and swept up any little bits of drywall before they were embedded into the grooves in the floor. In the end, we have three garbage bags of trash, which I feel is not terribly bad.


The work on the moulding around the doors was so shoddy, that I was able to remove it with my hands. I felt very powerful. Very powerful indeed.



We phoned the alarm company ahead of time, and had it turned off. Little bit of planning can help in the long run, we were happy that the police and fire department weren’t knocking at our door, while we were busy knocking down walls.



Okay, these photos are pretty fuzzy, but I love the one of my Father-in-law holding the reciprocating saw…if you know him, you’ll know that his sense of humour is well balanced by weapons of destruction.

DSC08462Big S stands in for the wall.DSC08463DSC08466
Here’s my idea of great electrical work (please forgive me, but I am being wholly and fully sarcastic). I used electrical tape and staples to make braces for the exposed cables, and we put the covers back over all of the switches for the week (we can only work on the project on weekends). The boxes are tacked to the wall with short screws.

Here’s the long view. All ready for this weekend’s work. Since taking this photo, we’ve moved the piano over the gap in the floor, and put the tv against it for now.


Four fairly easy hours of work on a Sunday afternoon. Not bad, we even got a pretty sunset to cap off the evening. Can’t wait for the weekend to finish the project, and get the house back in order.DSC08471


I’m linking up with Jules from Pancakes and French Fries for this week’s William Morris post. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings, feeling pretty excited by what has been happening so far.

WM pink and gray Rev3

* Notice the red DesignSponge book holding-up the TV, that my friend, is making design really work for your space ;)


6 thoughts on “And The Walls Come Tumbling Down

    • As soon as the wall was half way down, light started streaming into the front room (which faces north), and I was like, ‘yes, this…this is good, we made the right decision’. It is really exciting to have visions become reality.

    • We’re really excited about how ‘large’ the space feels, like the possibilities are endless (the whole house is only 960sq’ total).

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