365 Days of Walking – 36 Days In



36 days into 2013, and so far, I’m proud to say, the walking has been going pretty well. I’m not going to lie though, it has not been easy. There are lots of days that I didn’t want to put on my shoes and head out of the door.

Since the idea of walking began, I’ve been making notes about other habits I’d like to get into, and out of, for this year. For February, me and Mr S decided to stop watching the TV/Netflix/Movies. We spend a lot of our evening time staring at that shiny box. Albeit, we try hard to get our chores done first, get ready for the next day, and send the kids off to bed with stories and love. However, when we’re done, we’re done. All we want to do is just sit down and decompress, but somehow that time in front of the TV just feels like it is robbing us of other pleasures. Sometimes we’re not even interested in what we’re watching, and I’m sitting there doodling, while S is sleeping. It just doesn’t feel good. It can’t be good.

We’re only a few days into February, and it is hard to say how the TV-fast really is going so far. I’ve gone for walks after the kids are asleep, made bread, baked muffins, chatted with S, watched my computer crash, spent hours recovering data. It has been sort of meh. The first few nights I didn’t sleep well, because I went for my walk a little too late in the evening. Last night after dinner, I scootered out of the house a bit early, and went for a walk to the library.

Picked up a bunch of books on money-sense, and that’s going to be my project for March this year. Hopefully one or two of them is good. I’ve got books on family finances, individual financial freedom, debt and recovery, how to teach your children about money, and many more. It is a good thing I’m not watching the TV, or I don’t think I’d be able to get through them all. Maybe this will be a good thing?

Oh, one last little note. With all the changes I’ve been making (I’ve only listed a couple here, but I’ve been working on some other self-improvement aspects too, goodness knows, there are a lot of them), I’ve actually found it really hard to sit down and write these posts. I’m going to try harder, start devoting a little space of time every couple of days to making it happen. Maybe even finish-up on last year’s to do list, and get the rest of my favourite things list completed.

How is your 2013 going so far? Now that we’re in February, do you feel like you’re accomplishing the things you set-out for your resolutions?




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