Updates and Inundates

Our wall demolition went so quickly, we just thought that the rest of the project would be smooth sailing. Alas, we were totally wrong. Both Big S and I had a vision for how the TV would rest in the wall. Unfortunately, when we got the drywall off of the stairwell wall, we discovered that the supports had been cut and shored-up (this would have happened when the house was moved and the new foundation poured). Poor craftsmanship aside, the supports were shored on the inside of each post, which didn’t leave enough room to mount the TV within the wall. However, we figured that we could make the best of it, and mount the arm for the TV under the stairs, with the aim to have as little space as possible between the freshly drywalled wall and the inset TV.


Sorry for the poor quality of these photos, I think my frustration with the project is spilling over into other areas. I know we’ll be able to solve any issues with a little ingenuity. We just haven’t quite figured out the best way to proceed. What we want is something like this:


But what we have is something like this:
Tv Wall Mount
You can see how the braces across the bars of the wall mount are pushing the whole unit forward.drywall behind TVI think, much to our chagrin, we’re going to have to live with the TV jutting out into the room a few inches. However, we’re going to take the drywall as close to the back of the unit at possible. We’ll have to use a couple of 2×4 pieces of lumber, and create another ‘box’ inside the one we already built (we may have to use 1×2…we aren’t sure at this point). There are a few things that we could do, but it would effect the whole drywalled wall (from the corner to the end of the stairs), and we’ve got the wall pretty straight and ready for drywall, and it is going to work with the railing, which is really important. 
Sufficed to say, we’re a bit stumped at the moment, and trying to adjust our plan going forward. This all wouldn’t be a great big deal, but every inch counts when the space is as tight as we’ve got it. We might just have to enlist some help from other folks in the know, because we just can’t come up with a solution on our own. For the meantime, we’re going to get the drywall up on the ceiling join and the hardwood down on the floor. We’ll tackle the seam on the back wall this weekend.
There just aren’t enough weekends, and they never seem long enough!
Linking up with Jules at Pancakes and French Fries for the William Morris Project. Someday our home will only contain the useful and beautiful, but it is a work in progress.

6 thoughts on “Updates and Inundates

  1. Yes, get some advice. Fro hereit looks as though you could rebuild those supports from behind–and then take out the ones that are in your way. But, I’m not a stairwell maker and I’m not an engineer and you don’t want to mess with the support with your stairs! I hope it works out for you. I’m sure there’s a way to do it!

  2. Thanks Alana! I know there’s a way…we’ve got the will, so it is inevitable that there will be a way :) The big guy and I just need to have some time together to figure it out. I’ve had a couple of engineer friends take a look, it is a bit of a pickle with the supports, there’s not a lot that we can do with how it is set-up, with the exception of taking everything out (including stairs) and starting again…I’m just not sure that 2″-3″ of space is quite worth that trouble!

  3. I love the recessed tv idea. Best of luck with the execution! That is waaaay beyond anyone’s expertise in our house. We would definitely need expert advice!

    • Yes, expert advice is sometimes just the thing… we’ll get it and move forward, I’d rather not do anything right now, and have the completed project turn out exactly right, then fudge through it all, and have an ‘okay’ finished product.

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